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Eric and Holly Michaels

Hi there! Holly Michaels is here and the brunette has something to prove tonight. She will offer a great nuru massage to stud Eric who repay her with some pussy pounding. We caught them on our cameras and you just got front row seats. Just watch the sweet babe using her every asset to pleasure the horny man, then spreading her wet and oily pussy for some reward for her great work. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, so make your self comfortable and watch the babe is action for the first time.

This is something you do not see every day, so one of our masseuse debut is something truly special and I hope you  will enjoy it as much as we did. So watch Holly revealing her amazing body to the camera, pouring oil all over her and sliding that body to Eric’s just to get him in the mood for some fine hardcore action. The brunette will receive a nice titty fuck before taking the hard tool into her mouth, then Eric will stretch her pussy with the hard cock, Enjoy the great fucking session as the two will not stop until each one is satisfied enough. Holly will orgasm while riding Eric’s fat cock and Eric will end spraying all the nasty all all over her sweet face after the masseuse sucked once again on the fucking tool. Enjoy, you little perverts and I hope you’ll be back for fresh content and a brand new lesbian massage porn video next week.

Nuru Massage Eric Masterson and Holly Michaels


Holly Michaels Porn Massage


Welcome to this Holly Michaels porn massage for the afternoon and a busty and cute little brunette babe showing off her skills. Eric is here to get his massage and Holly has him pretty much covered for this one as she aims to show off her skills to him without delay and let you get a taste as well as to what she can do when she gets to have fun as well!

Well just like Eric, get ready to be blown away by the beauty of a masseuse here today with her skills. The porn massage action is just incredible and miss Holly Michaels knows how to push a guy’s buttons as it were as you can all clearly see. So yeah, sit back, relax and watch her give her massage. Then see her tend to the cock and you can check her out as she sucks and strokes the meat until she makes the guy cum on her face today!


Hot Holly Michaels Nude


You guys get to see some exclusive, hot Holly Michaels nude scenes this fine week as the busty masseuses gets to have some solo time after a massage. And as you can see she will be having a room all to herself after the session she just held and gets to spend most of her downtime cleaning herself up under the warm water in the shower today!

It’s a bit of a rare occasion to watch the busty beauty have some solo time to play by herself and even while she gets to wash up and relax under the warm water herself, she’s very very amazing to behold. Anyway, check out the cute little lady as she gets to be naughty under the shower and see her soap up her entire body here without delay today! We’re going to have more of her next week so make sure that you come by to check it out!


Nasty Holly Michaels Creampie


Seems that Eric is back for more in this one so is the reason why you get to see a nasty Holly Michaels creampie for the show today. The two of them just end up having so much fun after their massage session and you just have to see them going at it once more without delay in this one. Let’s just see Eric get his massage and Holly that dick!

The babe gets to work as soon as the cameras roll and you can see that she is really really good at the whole massage end of the deal as she makes the guy forget about his problems pretty fast. Well you know that it must have a happy end too, so naturally once she’s done with work it’s time to play too. Check her out as she straddles his cock for the rest of the scene and enjoy seeing her bounce up and down that meat today!


Holly Michaels Deepthroat During Massage

Today you can see a Holly Michaels deep throat during massage as it seems that the horny little masseuse had a bit of trouble resisting the temptation until she was done with the massage. Well it’s not like Eric had a problem with it to begin with as he was very very happy to let this busty little adorable lady suck on his cock for the afternoon!

Like we said, she got a bit too horny. The guy has been coming here quite a lot and he always likes to have his fun with letting miss Holly do whatever she wants to him. So if she felt like interrupting the massage to suck his hard cock, then he was more than fine with it. Mostly because he just likes her so much and she’s so pretty to look at when she gets naughty and kinky too. Well watch Holly deepthroat that cock and see you all soon!



Massage After Dark


This week the hot Holly is back with some more action and another sensual nuru massage that you can check out without delay. The cutie is all set to tend to this guy’s cock as you can see with a massage after dark as he came in pretty late today and he’s pretty much the last client for the day for Holly here. So let’s check out the action!

The fact that it was dark didn’t mean that she could half ass the job in the first place and she actually seemed even more set on making a great impression with her little session here. Check her out as she gets to soap up the guy at the end there to clean up and you can see her stroking his cock some more until he cums. It’s just amazing as always to see Holly at work and rest assured that there will be more of this cute lady soon enough too!


Holly Michaels Blowjob Session


Another fresh week and time tom see another Holly Michaels blowjob session with the amazing woman showing off her sexy skills for you and the client yet again. Of course, first there’s a massage to do and make sure that the guy is nice and relaxed, but either way, you will get to watch this wonderful nuru masseuse hard at work without delay!

She was really horny once again so you can understand why she was rushing to get done with her massage session this afternoon. The guy was going to be in for the ride of his life like usual with her and it’s worth checking out each and every single image in the gallery here today as the babe gets even kinkier than usual. Well watch the cute nuru masseuse sucking his cock and with a passion as well and see her take his load in her mouth too at the end!


Sexy Holly Michaels HD Massage


Do you want to see another sexy Holly Michaels HD massage today? You are just in time then everybody. The new show features Eric dropping by yet once more to get to have Holly work on his body all afternoon long after a stressful week and rest assured that she has the perfect cure for him in the form of a nuru massage of course!

And it truly is a HD scene with her that you can see here. Every single one of the images is huge so that you can see the babe’s body in great detail as she puts it to some amazing use on the guy’s body here and gives him quite the unforgettable experience just like she usually does. And to be fair, it’s pretty hard to not remember every time she gets to be on top of you naked as Holly is one of the prettiest and sexiest babes around!


Full Holly Michaels Videos

Well, once more we have the privilege to show you some more action with the hot and sexy masseuses Holly here at the nuru salon. And this is a treat as you get to see some hot full Holly Michaels videos in this one with the amazing woman showing off more of her skills in full motion. And as always, be sure that the guy just adores her touch!

We figured why not show a video of her too. The cute nuru masseuse Holly is one of the best here as you know so she’s fully deserving of having the limelight on her some more as she gets to be kinky in full motion video for a change too. So yeah, watch the nuru massage in this full video today here and get to see the pretty babe working hard at the guy again. Check her out working the cock and enjoy the naughty action!


Holly Michaels Sex After Nuru Massage


You guys and gals know the deal. There's the massage and then the masseuse gets to give the client a happy end while also having fun riding his cock. So this Holly Michaels sex after nuru massage show shows mostly the latter part as the babe was busy cleaning up the guy and you can also check them out fucking in the shower without delay!

The client gets to be cleaned up of the massage gel in the shower at the end of every session as you know, and miss Holly as all masseuses are there for that as well. That's usually where the happy end comes in and she seems eager once again to get to play with this guy. Eric just let her do her thing again and it's just the best treat to have this afternoon while you sit back and relax. See her stroking that cock with her masterful hands!


Masseuse Holly Naked

The hot show today brings you more of the masseuse Holly naked to check out on your screens and the busty little lady knows that you will adore seeing her getting to play naughty yet once more with this lucky stud right here. Anyway, let's carry on and watch another superbly hot scene with her and her client getting frisky shall we?

That's the reason why you come here in the first place isn't it everyone? to check out beauties like Holly here make plenty of use of their bodies and show off how naughty they can get when the sex part comes into play as well. Anyway, watch the busty beauty Holly Michaels as she gets to be naked on top of the guy again. And of course, the naked masseuse has lots of fun here at the nuru salon with the guy once more!



Holly Michaels XXX Nuru Rub


Another fresh week came around and you just need to see the new Holly Michaels xxx nuru rub this afternoon as the cutie does her best work once more and makes quite the impression on the guy and you ladies and gents. So let's stand by and check her out rub herself all over the client here yet again and enjoy the sizzling hot action scene!

In case you are new here, a nuru massage has the masseuse, in this case Holly Michaels rub her own body, all nude over the client and make him relax. Throughout that, they also get to give them a proper massage, but you know that this turns into a sensual xxx action show as well near the end where the masseuses give the clients their happy end be they ladies or gents. Enjoy this one and see you all next week once more with new stuff!


Holly Michaels Massage


Holly is one of the best masseuses here and you can see just why. Eric drops in every few days and he always books up a session with Holly and only Holly. He likes her so so much and he's always eager to sit back and receive that classy Holly Michaels massage as he calls it. Well check it out going down today once more and have fun!

It's no wonder he's one of her regulars to be frank. Like we said, there's no way to skip over how beautiful and masterful Holly is at doing her job and every massage she gives this guy makes him fall more and more for her. So yeah, rest assured that there's still more and more Holly Michaels to come in future updates too, but for now have fun seeing her ride this dude's meat once more at the end!


Holly Michaels Fuck


It should come as no surprise why this scene here is called what it's called in the first place as you know that Holly and Eric are always up to shenanigans. Well check out the new show and you can see the cutie as she gets down and dirty again. Sit back and watch Holly Michaels fuck Eric as the client once again for the afternoon here today!

Once more the shower gets to be the place where the two get to engage in some intercourse and you can see Holly Michales bend over and start sucking that cock with a passion to make sure that it stays nice and hard. Once she has that going, it's time for her to have her nice fuck and you can see her bouncing up and down the meat as well. The show ends with both of them cumming at the same time, which makes this perfect!


Best Nuru Massage


Well here we are this week guys and gals, with a pretty amazing and hot compilation of miss Holly giving out the best nuru massage sessions. We did it because you guys love her so much when she works hard and fucks harder so let those cameras roll and let's see the adorable hottie getting naughty and nasty once again shall we? We bet you'll love it!

Well she truly is the best and you have gotten plenty of content with her to check out we think. Be sure that you check out the rest of the galleries around as well as there's some pretty juicy and hot scenes to check out still. So yeah, watch Holly in this nuru massage compilation getting wild and kinky and as always, we're going to take our leave and come back soon with some more incredible and hot shows for you!

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