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The Job Training

Another fresh week and time to check out a new update today. The threesomes were quite successful here lately so there’s another new one with some superb babes that get to gang up on a stud. Well this week, there’s this adorable ebony lady that needs to learn the ropes fast, and her buddy here is more than happy to show her how it’s done. The name of the exotic chocolate beauty is Ana Foxxx and she’s a cutie with a petite frame as you can clearly see. Well rest assured that in this nurumassage scene she got to learn a lot of new things from her buddy as she was working on this stud and she will keep it in mind.


When the cameras tart to roll, you can see, that this happy ending for the massage is taking place in the bathroom in the tub. The ladies made sure to work his body all afternoon long and now that they’d be getting clean, they would work his cock too. Now here is where the new sexy masseuse Anna knows how to help too. Watch the white chick giving the guy a nice and long tit fucking and then you can check the sexy ebony sucking and deep throating that cock as well. Of course, after all that, they also took their time to ride his hard cock too! All in all a amazing show and do make sure to drop by soon for some more new scenes!


Nuru Massage On The Job Training

Welcome to a new Nuru Massage on the job training this week as you can see and we have two amazing beauties hard at work on a guy and you can bet that you will not be forgetting this amazing and hot scene too soon either. We have the expert masseuse Ana Foxxx showing her new co worker here at the salon the ropes and you of course can see the two of them double teaming this client for the afternnoon.

Sit back and enjoy the video with them getting naked as the guy already gets to sit down and you can check the two of them out making sure that he feels good right from the start. Ana has lots of things to teach her buddy today and she doesn't shy away from getting down and dirty throughout the whole thing too. Just sit back and enjoy the view as Ana gets to take the dicking first as well from this lucky guy here!


Sexy Ana Foxxx Porn


Speaking of the lovely and hot miss Ana, you can see her as the main star of another new and sexy ana Foxxx porn scene this week as she gets to tag in with another masseuse and take care of this guy for the afternoon as best they can. This guy was in for the ride of his life and we can guarantee that he'll be back in the future for some more action with the babes that got to play with him for the whole afternoon!

Anyway, Ana and the other masseuse got busy right away and you can see them taking great care to make sure that the guy is pleased with the lesbian massage service all throughout and it's just a treat to check out and watch it unfold. Sit back and marvel as the two babes give the nuru massage and then check them out spreading their legs for a good fucking from him too. Enjoy!


Full Ana Foxxx Massage

Hey there again everyone and welcome back. It's time to check out another new full Ana Foxxx massage session with the ebony beauty and her other masseuse friend get down with the whole thing and showing this bald guy a good time. Seems to be his first time too, and the ladies are sure to put on quite the demo for him as well when the whole thing begins, so let's not waste time and check them out today shall we?


You can see that the sexy Ana and her brunette friend are only sporting lingerie, orange for miss Foxxx and blue for the other sexy babe. The two of them take their time to play around with each other of course, so you can see plenty of kissing and caressing as the cuties get more and more kinky. We'll let you discover the rest of the action everyone, so enjoy the show!




Ana Foxxx Nude and Horny


Since we got to see the two babes kissing and caressing in the last Ana Foxxx nude and horny show, you can check out this sexy threesome carrying on with the lucky guy laying on his belly and letting the ladies do their magic thing to make him feel good today! The nuru massage bed was all set and all he had to do was sit back and relax as the women would do their best to please him here today.

So as the white babe gets on top first and starts to rub herself all over the guy, you can see the cute ebony babe Ana as she oils them up both and herself at the same time to make sure that everything's going smoothly. Pun intended. Anyway, do enjoy the lovely threesome that ends up going down once the massage itself is done and check out all of the lovely action.


Nuru Gel Rub

Here we get to see the nuru gel rub in full effect as Ana and her friend get even more kinky and finally get things moving along. They are more or less done with the massage part, so now both of them get to take their time to have that cock plowing them for the rest of the show. As you know, a nuru massage is dependent on skin contact and on top of that, making sure the person gets fuly relieved.

And we do mean fully. That's why the guys and gals love this place and the masseuses love working here. They get to have some amazing sex as well when it's all said and done and that's just what's happening here. See the lovely nuru masseuses make sure that the cock is nice and hard and then check them out taking his cock in their pussies for the rest of the show!



Ana Foxxx Creampie Threesome


And as this would be the next bit of extra spicy Ana Foxxx creampie threesome gallery. The babes are in full swing now and nothing's going to stop them from getting that meat as much as they want throughout the whole thing. You can bet that the guy is happy and eager to let them have all of the meat from him that they want and it's truly a delicious sight to see Ana and her friend fuck the guy silly today!

They know their stuff when it comes to nuru massages, but they know their stuff even better when it comes to having some passionate sex and this scene is one you can't miss out on everybody. Have fun checking out the two babes fucking the guy and we'll see you again soon. There's going to be more sensual and sexy scenes of course and you will love them to bits!


Ana Foxxx Nuru HD Massage

It's that time of the week again guys and gals and that means a new Ana Foxxx nuru HD massage is out to be checked out by you all. Just do your best to check out as much as you can out of this one and watch a pair of lovely nuru masseuses do one incredible job of playing around with a guy and his cock for the whole afternoon. Anyway, let's begin the show and watch the sexy babes do their stuff shall we everyone?

Once more they are all about getting the guy to unwind and then getting him nice and hard for their own pleasure too. Of course he's not going to say no, and who would when you have two very willing sexy masseuses right on top of you wanting to get down and dirty with you too. So enjoy them having fun with sucking his dick and then riding it and we'll see you again soon!



Ana Foxxx Nuru Massage Expert


Once the passionate and hard fucking gets done, the babes take their clients to a bath to clean him up properly, but this is where usually, they get to have some more fun too. And it seems that in this one Ana Foxx nuru massage expert, is down to get to play some more with the stud and her other masseuse friend. The two of them just can't have enough of his dick here today and it shows after they got him in the bath tub.

You see, they were going to pretty much make sure that he walks funny once they were done with him as they were just in love with the size of his dick and how good he was at making them moan while fucking them. So getting him nice and hard again was easy peasy for both, so check them out continuing to have a post nuru massage fuck in the tub too here!


Ana Foxxx Footjob and Sex

This one has some Ana Foxxx footjob and sex action going down and you cannot miss it for the world. Ana gets to have a new guy in and take care of him too and he's quite the loyal client for her. He always asks for her to be his masseuse and as you can see, they always end up having tons of fun together whenever he drops by. Well either way, sit back and check out the action with this one as you can check out the action.

Miss Ana is doing her thing staying right on top of the guy as he grins from ear to ear. We bet it feels quite nice to have the hot and horny babe like Ana rub herself all over you and you can see her do plenty of it today. After that, she spreads her legs and lets that big cock fuck her balls deep as she moans in pleasure. Enjoy the show and see you all soon with more!



The final massage

the-final-massage the-final-nuru-massage

You know that these two got to play with the bald guy in the past right? well after the final massage then the guy had to go. He was back this time as you can see and he was very resolute to have Ana and the other cute babe all to himself today once more. And once again the massage gets done fast, but the two of them are getting horny again. So once they get in the tub after the whole nuru experience at the salon you get to see some more great stuff.

So yeah, once more do enjoy the sight of the hotties getting down and dirty and see them soaping up the dude's body nicely. Then you can watch them taking turns to use those luscious and lovely lips to suck him off and make sure that he's rock hard for their lovely pussies. It's a sexy one for sure and we bet you'll enjoy seeing Ana and her friend get a good dicking here once again!

Enjoy watching these hot masseuses pleasing their client!