Ashley Adams Hd Video In ‘A Slippery Request’ Scene

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Ashley Adams is at the reception area of her place of business doing what she does best; playing with her pussy! When Zachary Wild walks in, he has no idea what he’s in for. He interrupts her afternoon solo session and much to his surprise, she’s not vaguely shocked at getting caught. Ashley eyes Zachary immediately and decides, right there and then, to seduce him. She asks him what he wants and as soon as she approaches him, he’s tongue tied and has trouble voicing his desire. She wraps her hands around him as she caresses his chest and at that moment, Zachary knows that he’s come to the right place. She takes him to the back and starts kissing him immediately. Whatever Zachary has booked with her, he knows he’s not getting a regular massage. She undresses him as she kisses him passionately. They strip as they explore each other with their hands. Like old lovers, the passion between them explodes as Zachary grinds his dick against Ashley’s body. They step into the shower, turn on the water before falling into each other’s arms. She then has him get comfortable on the mat as she pours the Nuru gel straight from the bottle. Sliding up and down his oiled-up body, Ashley grinds her pussy making sure to get it nice and oiled up in the process. By the time she’s done with him, she’s poured the whole bottle on him. Zachary isn’t one to complain, after all he did ask for it, extra slippery!

Pornstars: Ashley Adams