Britney Amber In ‘My Wife Won’t Know’ Nuru Gel Porn

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Keni is bored. The porno on his cable T.V. isn’t even enough to keep him occupied. A call to the masseuse he met in the lobby gets him a rush appointment with the lovely Britney. Britney is an expert, and tours hotels waiting for horny guys to get massages in her room. Keni is curious about the Nuru treatment, but the constant thought of his wife is an unwelcome natural deterrent. Britney is lucky though, her bubbly personality wins them over every time, and Keni is back with his wallet, ready for the experience of his life. Watch as Britney gets frisky, sucking Keni’s balls and cock, while Keni is relieved of his old ball and chain. Then, they get slippery, covered in Nuru Gel. Finally, Keni gets the chance to shove his massive cock deep inside Britney’s tasty pussy. Guess his wife is the last thing on his mind.

Pornstars: Britney Amber