Dana DeArmond in ‘My Girlfriend’s Mom’ Nuru Gel Porno

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Rion King arrives at a home with a box in hand. He knocks but no one answers. He has a key to the place, which he uses and walks in. As he explores the house, he discovers Dana DeArmond in a room, naked, covered in NURU gel and practicing NURU techniques alone. She doesn’t notice him and he watches, getting turned on.

Dana is mortified when she discovers Rion watching. Dana’s daughter Jenny (Rion’s girlfriend) asked him to drop off some massage supplies for Dana, but Jenny got the days confused and isn’t home.

Rion is intrigued as Dana explains what a NURU massage is. Lusting after her now, Rion offers to help her practice NURU techniques. It takes some convincing, but Dana eventually agrees after Rion makes the point that Dana massages naked clients all the time…why should it be any weirder just because it’s him who’s naked this time?

Dana has Rion take off his clothes. Despite her sincere desire to keep things innocent, she can’t help but look at his body with approval. He lies on his front side and she body slides on his back. Eventually, she has him flip over and begins to body slide on his front. Despite her innocent intentions, she seems to be getting more and more turned on by the body-to-body contact.

Rion makes a move, but Dana is hesitant, worried about hurting her daughter. But her horniness ultimately wins out after Rion promises that the daughter won’t find out. She slides down, slipping Rion’s hard cock between her luscious tits.

Rion’s about to discover a whole other side of his girlfriend’s mom…

Pornstars: Dana DeArmond