Holly West Shower Porn In ‘My Mother In Law’ Video

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Logan showed up just in time to get his first Nuru Massage. Holly was just cleaning up ready to close, when the friend-referred little dweeb showed up. You see, these two have a history and it’s not one that Holly is too happy to have cum up at her job, besides no one really knows where she works. Logan, however just happens to be her Son-in-law. Yeah that’s right, Logan is a sneaky little guy, and before long he has Holly begging not to tell her daughter, in exchange for a massage. Knowing full well what the Massage entails, she drudges through it. What she didn’t expect is that Logan is packing a nice piece, and her mixed feelings come to a head as she shoves his cock deep into her hungry throat, and into her warm sensitive pussy. Holly had a time she wasn’t expecting, and assures him her daughter’s a lucky gal, even though she tries desperately not to make a fuss.

Pornstars: Holly West