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Jackie Lin & Eric Masterson

Eric Manson is yet another regular customer here at our nuru massage parlor and her never fails to show up at least once a week for his relaxing massage with a happy end performed by the very experienced and sexy ladies that are here. Today he was going to be taken care of by a Asian hottie named Jackie Lin. You know her from other lesbian massage porn videos here at nuru! She’s kind of a new recruit but she learns quick and it was truly her pleasure to be at the disposal of the stud today. She was going to put to use every last thing that she learnt today to impress her client.

She really wants to impress everyone for this update really, as you’ll be able to see her go all out from the very beginning and also striking up a daring conversation with the guy too. She does her job very well apparently, and so she literally asks the guy if he’d like a little extra making a happy end for the sexy massage. So without delay watch her as she does her job well and then sucks the lucky guy’s cock making it a truly happy finish. You know the deal, we’re going to be back again next week so stay tuned.



Free Jackie Lin Porn


Welcome to this fresh and new nuru show that also has some free Jackie Lin porn here this afternoon. You see, this beauty of a Asian lady is quite the amazing nuru masseuse as well and she aims to show off all of her skills on camera for the duration of this scene today and many many others in the future too. So let’s check out this first one here!

The beauty is all about her work and having fun afterwards and all galleries featuring her show that plentifully. Well she was done with this guy’s massage today and now it was time for the happy end to come too. So as they got into the shower under the running water, you can see her kneel down to suck some cock and make sure it’s still hard. Then she gets to bend over and take it hard as well as she gets to moan in pleasure throughout it!


Nuru Massage Creampie

As we bring you this new show guys, you can bet that you can see another nuru massage creampie scene with this beauty and she is quite delicious to see in some truly wonderful and kinky action right here too. Let’s not waste any time and get right to the whole thing this day and see her taking a very very good dicking before it’s all said and done!

Well since you got to see her play with a client last week after the massage and loved it, this one is just perfect to get to see some more of that juicy and lovely action with her as she gets to fuck once again. Take the time to see the busty asian babe moan loudly in pleasure and check her out taking it from behind for the rest of this one without delay. Like always we will be back again really soon and there will be some amazing stuff to check out again!



Japanese Nuru Massage


Well hello everyone and you are just in time to see another Japanese nuru massage session with a really beautiful Asian lady. Of course it’s miss Jackie Lin that’s the masseuse and she looks absolutely incredible as she always does. Let’s get right into this one as we bet that you are all really eager to get to watch her in some action once more.

This nuru session has the massage in it as well as we figured you may want to see the beautiful Jackie hard at work too, not just having fun after it. But either way, the nuru experience depends a lot on who’s massaging you and how could you go wrong with a beauty like her on top of you rubbing herself all over you and being quite the tease. It’s fine though as she will be letting you blow your load as well as your steam before it’s all done!


Intense Massage Creampies

You can see more of Jackie today guys. You’ve seen plenty of intense massage creampies so far around here, but whenever miss Lin is involved they are that much better to say the least. So get ready to see the busty little beauty in another superbly juicy and kinky massage show as she gets nasty on camera with this client of hers without delay.

She is always great at the intense massage sessions as you all know and she never fails to make quite the impression on all clients that end up on her hands for the afternoon. This guy was going to be feeling what heaven feels like quite a lot in this one as Jackie Lin gets to be on the case and be her usual naughty self while she massages him like she usually is. Anyway, check it out as always and do come back again soon to see more.



Fix My Tub


This week’s nuru scene is titled fix my tub as it seems that one of the tubs in the salon rooms got busted. So a handyman was called in to fix it. He came in and fixed the issue quite fast, and the babes were impressed with the speed. Well Jackie wanted to give him a bonus so you can see her performing a nuru massage on him here.

The guy didn’t really expect it, but the masseuses needed to have the tub fixed by tomorrow and they were very pleased to learn that it actually can be put to good use today. So yeah, Jackie here decided that they should give him a bonus for being quick and that’s how he ended under her while she got to rub her big breasts on him all over to spread the massage gel nicely. You guys and gals enjoy it and we’ll have more soon!


Full Japanese Nuru

As another fresh week swung around we decided it was a good time to show off more of the cute and sexy miss Lin in some very amazing and sexy galleries with her tending to more clients. This full Japanese nuru experience will be quite the pleasant thing to receive, especially from a sexy little lady like Jackie Lin here. So yeah let’s get it on already!

There’s never a bad time to get to see the lovely miss Lin at work and this guy knows it. Check her out as she gets to do her thing and offer up a sexy and sensual nuru massage today and enjoy the whole show without delay. We’ll be coming back again soon enough with another one, but for now you get to revel in how naughty and kinky miss Lin is when she fancies her client. And she does that quite a lot as you all know. Enjoy it everyone!



Jackie Lin Massage Session


The hot Asian babe is back in action with a classy Jackie Lin massage session this afternoon and another of of her hard work sessions as she takes care of this guy and his body throughout the whole gallery. We know how much you want to see her at play again so do take the time to see her let loose once more for your viewing pleasure here!

So yeah, sit back and truly take in this new massage session with the hot and sexy Jackie Lin today. The absolutely adorable little sexy masseuse is down to get dirty and have more fun with her client in today’s simply stunning scene. They sure got to put the nuru massage bed to good use as she got his cock nicely and deep inside her too. So yeah, check out jackie having fun fucking today once more and see you as per usual soon!


Jackie Lin Nuru Massage

Well well well, we have a surprise here this week with a Jackie Lin nuru massage video for a change as you can see, and you can bet that the adorable Japanese babe was all ready to play naughty as well in it. Let’s get it started and watch her masterfully take care of another client in this one without delay and watch her get super sensual in it!

Well we figured that this would be a fine occasion to see one of Jackie’s videos as she goes about doing her massaging and we know that you will adore it today. Sit back and check out the full motion content as you can watch the masseuse get busy with spreading those legs on top of the guy and then taking that cock nice and deep as she gets to moan in pleasure as well. Rest assured that there will be more content like this in the future too!


Sexy Jackie Lin Nude

Hey there guys and gals. You wanted to see more sexy Jackie Lin nude ? Well here's the chance to do so as the lovely masseuse gets to show off another simply stunning nuru action scene this afternoon. Sit back, relax and let the action take hold as you will get to see her as sensual and kinky in her scene here today just like always and working hard on that body!

One thing that you need to know about the babe is that she always prides on one hundred percent satisfaction and a lot of times, she's not even getting to finish the massage fully. Mostly because she gets o turned on as well and just goes for the cock. See her starting to suck this guy off mid massage and watch it turn into a fuck fest right then and there too. she does a even better job at playing with the cocks so you can see why her clients like her!



Nuru Drill


What can be said about Jackie? Not much at this point really. You know how good she is at playing kinky with her clients and it's always the best treat to see her nuru drill and then see her bounce up and down the client's cocks too. So watch closely as she does that once more today and enjoy the naughty fuck that ensues after the massage too!

Well like usual, the busty Asian cutie gets done with her massage session so you can see her getting right on top of the guy and sliding that cock nice and deep in her pussy again. Check it out as she starts to ride it cowgirl style without delay and enjoy the action with her as the guy did too. You know she's kinky and gets horny quite quick so expect to see quite a lot of naughty content in this one with her having a good fuck!


Jackie Lin Creampie


We get to bring you a Jackie Lin creampie session this afternoon guys and gals and you'd better be ready to see miss Lin on the receiving end today yet again as she massaged this guy really good and now she was very very eager to get to have his cock inside her too in the shower. Well let's not waste time and see her and the client getting busy with it!

Once the cameras roll, you can see that Jackie Lin and her client are in the shower and doing it too. The massage was over and the cutie needed a pussy plowing badly, so that's why she bent over for him and started to moan while getting her dicking here. You know that nuru massage is the best place to come and visit when you want to see some pretty babes getting fucked and taking creampies after the sessions, so enjoy the rest of the collection as well!

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