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Well today’s nuru massage update is a rather special one. You see the salon has more than just guys coming in for the pleasures of having women take care of them. The salon gets it’s fair share of ladies that also seek the same attention. And they know why, since only a woman can do a erotic hardcore job as good as this. For this one we have an Asian lady that came in expecting some very nice and relaxing moments with her favorite pick from all the women. She registers at the front desk and then goes to the special room where she awaits her masseuse.

Once her old friend enters the room the two are pretty much set on the thought of having their all girl on girl fun throughout the afternoon. Watch as both of the superbly sexy women get naked and start off the whole hot session for your viewing pleasure. The brunette masseuse has her client lie on her belly as she uses her body and breasts to take care of her stressed out back sides. Enjoy seeing the two women have their fun today guys. Also be sure to stay tuned for next week’s nurumassage update. See you then everyone!



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Welcome back to some juicy and hot nuru massage lesbian videos this afternoon and we bet that you will enjoy watching them. This one has miss Gia Paige as the cute blonde client and Charlotte Stokely as her masseuse for the afternoon. And you will be getting to see the babes do lots and lots of naughty things to one another without delay in this scene right here. Just enjoy the lesbian impulse that the two hot and horny women have for one another today and see it start off in the shower. Our blonde babe is quite quick to lose inhibitions and let Charlotte do her thing on her amazing body. You will get to see her moan loudly as that pussy gets tended to as well and we’re sure that you will love both of them here today. Just take your time and we’ll be seeing you again next week with another new and fresh scene!


Nuru Japanese Lesbian Massage

There is no way in hell that you guys and gals can pass up on this one if you want to see some more lesbian action here at the nuru massage parlor. This time we have to show you a superb nuru Japanese lesbian massage for a change as you get to watch this busty Asian woman with a sleeve tattoo take care of her female client here and her sweet pink pussy. The brunette babe with milky white skin is ready to have her mind blown by this lady and you can bet that that's one hundred percent going to happen before it's all said and done. See them enjoying the bath together and the massage and then watch the Asian masseuse spread the babe's legs and pussy and finger fuck her now super horny client. We're sure you will have fun with the content and more will be here for you all to see soon!



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Well this is the best time to come on by and check out a fresh new lesbian massage nuru style here on the site. Te title of this one is what it is because of the blonde mature masseuse that knows how to work another hot babe's body and make her feel really good while she does it. The babe with brown hair here was in for the treat of a lifetime with this mature and she knew it as soon as they both got naked and the babe started to rub oils all over her nude and luscious body. Enjoy the amazing scene and see the client herself moan in pleasure while the other babe does her best lesbian massage porn on her here today. It's one that you truly won't want to miss if you want to see sensual lesbian action and naked nuru massages and there's plenty of it here. See you next week as always with more!


Asa Akira Lesbian Nuru Massage

It's been some time, but miss Asa Akira is back in action and one of the other masseuses at the parlor is here with her to aid her. This new and juicy Asa Akira lesbian nuru massage has the two babes getting some alone time with one another during a break and as you can see, they turned the kinky dial to eleven as they also brought in some nice and big sex toys today. Enjoy Asa letting her fuck buddy do a nuru massage for her and you can see the cute Asian babe's body all oily too as the other brunette babe rubs herself all over that body. After that you can see her put the new toys to use and she gets to stretch Asa's tight ass and wet pussy with them as the latter moans in pleasure and eventually orgasms. They had loads of fun with one another and we're sure we'll see them again!



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So what awaits you in this new scene are some brand new lesbian massage porn videos featuring some more eager ladies to get down and dirty and you can see one of them is a blondie and the other is a brunette with a mohawk hair style. Both of them are masseuses but the brunette is here to learn how to do the said nuru massages so she asked the blonde woman " teach me nuru " which the babe of course was delighted to get to do for the lovely lady. Check them out on the inflatable massage mattress all nude and see them getting wild and kinky with one another right from the start. It all gets to turn into a superb little lesbian fuck fest and we're sure that you will enjoy checking out the cuties tribbing and rubbing one another's hot and eager cunts while they moan in pleasure throughout. Enjoy the new lesbian massage porn videos and see you all soon!


Asian Lesbian Massage

It's time to once more check out some cuties from the land of the rising sun and that makes this a Nuru Asian lesbian massage for the afternoon. Well in this one you can check out another cute couple of ladies having some fun with one another and you know that we only have the best of them playing naughty and kinky either way. The two here are taking a break from the nuru sessions for the afternoon and they decided to unwind with one another in one of them rooms as they clean and freshen up and on top of that have fun with each other making themselves moan in pleasure. Sit back and see them tending to one another's cute pink pussies and have fun. There's plenty of lesbian nuru action to get to see around the site anyway, so make sure that you don't miss out on any of it!



Body to Body Massage Videos

When it comes to lesbian massage sessions, you know that this nuru salon pulls no punches. It's always the best place to come and drop by every time that you want to check out some girl on girl action with beautiful women. And we mean that for both our masseuses and the clientele. Anyway, this new body to body massage videos collection shows a pretty blonde babe and her masseuse for the afternoon having their naughty fun with each other as always and of course the nude massaging gets done quite quick. The best part that you just need to see is them eating one another's wet pussies out in a simply sensual and amazing 69 sex session for this show. So take the time to see them eat pussy today and do enjoy it all. Of course, there will be more action to check out soon as well!


Lesbian Sex Massage Nuru

Welcome to a brand new and fresh lesbian sex massage nuru scene this afternoon and we know that you will adore it as much as the past galleries that we had here in the past. That is of course, because the main feature is some smoking hot babes that are all ready and willing to get naked and kinky for you to see and for their enjoyment. Rest easy knowing that you get to see quite a lot of amazing and juicy stuff with the two ladies here for this nuru session and we bet that you'll be pleased with what you get to see. Anyway, do sit back, relax and let the babes take you to cloud nine with this glorious lesbian sex scene here. We'll be back again next week and you can sure as hell expect to see many many more new and fresh content updates soon with the cuties!



Lesbian Nuru Massage Video

So you've gotten to see the sexy masseuses employ the use of sex toys so far around here in the past. Get ready to check out a brand new and hot lesbian nuru massage video with another pair that get to put those to good use. The masseuses here are also on their break, and they know that they have all the time they want with one another in the private room to do whatever they want to one another. So yeah, enjoy the show and check out the hot brunette spreading her long legs and laying back on the massage mattress as her blonde friend gets to go in on that amazing pussy here today. She easily makes her moan and you can hear the brunette asking her not to stop and go more passionately on her pussy with every passing second. Great update with sexy ladies and plenty of juicy action!


Lesbian massage seduction

New friends or lesbian massage seduction is the perfect title of this one as we get to watch this ebony babe get to have her first ever nuru massage session here at the parlor and the masseuse that takes care of her will make sure to make her moan in pleasure throughout the whole thing. You can watch the two beauties in the tub and of course, they get to start the amazing lesbian massage sex session all nude as they get in the warm water together. See the sexy masseuse soaping up that curvy body of the chocolate skinned babe as the latter lays back and enjoys the sweet action that the two get to engage in. Before long you can see the ebony chick moaning in pleasure with the other babe just wrapping things up and making her orgasm with the aid of her fingers and tongue all over her warm eager pussy.



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Welcome to a new and hot lesbian sex nuru massage this afternoon and of course another pair of beauties. Once again there's a fresh new lady client that gets to have a good time and by the looks of it the masseuse dropped by her place today to help her out and show her a relaxing time. They set up the inflatable nuru mattress down in the living room and pretty much after that, the sexy babes undress, dropping all clothes and putting their incredibly hot and sexy naked bodies on display. To be fair, the lady herself was more in the mood to have the masseuse please her pussy today more than receiving a massage and the masseuse knew it. So watch their nuru session last just a bit after which, you can check out the amazingly hot babes going at it and eating one another's pussies!


Nuru Lesbian Massage Session

This new nuru lesbian massage is here for you to watch and enjoy and once again we have the privilege to get to watch a busty and sexy masseuse getting to visit one of her woman client's house to perform the nuru massage. Just like others you have seen, the massage bed gets put on down and the cuties making quick work of their outfits, all eager and ready to get to have some fun. The client herself is a very veyr busy business woman and she doesn't really have the time to drop by the massage salon. So because of that, this babe visits every time she's needed to help her unwind. And of course, that unwinding implies lots of naked body rubbing all over her which finishes off with the masseuse having fun making her orgasm while finger fucking her pussy and eating her out!



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Welcome back. You want to see more lesbian nuru massage videos you say? Well fret not as we got you covered once more and with plenty of juicy stuff to boot. There are two videos here to see. One of them has a babe with back problems dropping by the nuru salon and of course a sexy masseuse is all prepped and ready to take care of her and teach her just how good and relaxing it feels to have a perfect body rubbing against you. And of course, she also chooses the happy end where she gets to have sex with the masseuse too, which starts with the two of them kissing passionately and ends with the client having quite the orgasm. The second one features miss August Taylor and another masseuse, and well... We'll just let you all ladies and gents check it out and discover it for yourselves. Enjoy!


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Let's kick this fine day off with a brand new lesbian nuru massage porn scene and naturally, more beautiful babes going at it and getting down and dirty. We all love to see pretty ladies getting kinky and have fun with one another and we figure that you will quite enjoy the whole thing that takes place in this incredible new update. The masseuse and her client were like one from the very start and you can tell that both of them kind of wanted to be in one another's panties, as a way of speaking. But there were no panties as you all know, since nuru massages depend on skin to skin contact. Either way, enjoy seeing another scene featuring a pretty masseuse rubbing her naked body all over the other babe and getting her very very horny. After which she finishes her off with some pussy pleasing too!



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Well, as another fresh week swung around, you can see that there's a new scene that awaits you here today. Like usual, another lady client and another beautiful and eager masseuse ready to make her feel really good for the afternoon. And the thing is that the two of them ended up having quite some fun after the nuru massage itself, that they had to ask " extra gel please " as they were at it for quite some time. Now that's not a bad thing by any means of course, as the happier the client the better the business. So yeah, just kick back, relax and just watch two beautiful women enjoying some quality one on one time lesbian anal massage as they pleased one another's pussies and made each other lesbian massage orgasm today. It's just beautiful and we bet that you will all agree with that. See you soon guys and gals!

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