Liv Revamped In ‘Dick Shift’ Shower Porn

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Logan Long is polishing his new car when his neighbour Liv Revamped visits him desperate for a favor. The gorgeous high school senior told a douchebag from class she would teach him how to drive stick. And now she needs Logan to teach her.

Logan’s being a jerk and challenges Liv to name one thing she’s done lately to help him. Liv rolls her eyes, annoyed at him for bringing up something that happened a month ago. She apologizes for leading him on that one time and lets him know she has a boyfriend now. She begs for his help, certain that her reputation will be destroyed if she doesn’t have the driving skills. Logan makes it clear he’s even less inclined to help her impress other people.

Liv asks him again, batting her lashes, and finally, Logan agrees, but she’ll have to use his dick, because he wants her to play with his dick right now. They both get in the car. He pulls out his dick. First, he wants her to suck it. She chokes on his cock inflating it, and then Logan goes through the lesson on how to change gears.

When Logan ends the lesson, Liv points out she still hasn’t actually driven the car. In exchange for a proper lesson tomorrow, she invites him to come over for a massage in her mother’s home spa. At first, he says no, but Liv jacks him off while he’s formulating his excuse. Too horny to argue, Logan agrees to give her a driving lesson after he hands in his paper. Then he follows her home.

When they arrive Logan wonders why there is no massage table. She explains it will be a NURU massage, which begins with a shower to wash off the toxins. Logan sits on stool and she reaches around to lather his cock. She sucks on it and reviews her lesson. Then Liv brings him into the NURU room. As she coats them both in the thick liquid she teaches him about this sensual contact massage. When she flips him over, Logan can’t resist tasting her with a lick of his tongue. His cock slips right into her pussy and he fucks her till he cums in her mouth!

Pornstars: Liv Revamped