Misty Stone in ‘Reward For Lost Dog’ Hardcore Porno

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Ebony masseuse Misty Stone rides a hard cock in reverse cowgirl’,’Misty Stone was so excited when Will Powers brought back her lost dog. She rewarded him with her special services. He was in shock when she started stripping off her clothes and rubbed her naked body on his, telling him she had an oil that would make his skin as soft as hers. Misty had Will get into a soapy bathtub to warm him up with a massage. She had him sit down on the side of the tub so she could put her pretty mouth around his big hard cock. She moved him over to give him a slippery Nuru massage and slid her body on top of his. She had him turn around and put her pussy in his face so he could have a taste while she sucked his cock. Misty was in reverse cowgirl when she gently let his cock glide into her tight pussy. She played with his balls while he went in and out of her wet hole. She thanked him for fucking her so well then screamed with pleasure until his cum was shooting on to her stomach and up on to her perfect breasts.

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