Please Fix My Muscle Spasms – Hope Harper with Tommy Gunn

Hope Harper has some work to do during her Nuru massage. Today’s client Tommy Gunn wrote on his form that he suffers from some back problems that have been bugging him for the last two weeks. Hope insisted that he visits a doctor, a specialist but Tommy wanted to try out a massage first. Hope helped him more that she gives herself credit because once she took off her robe Tommy slowly started forgetting about his back issues. She took her client to the tub, where after a few kisses Tommy’s fat dick rise to the occasion. Hope took advantage and started stroking him with soap. With this kind of treatment Tommy completely forgot about it health issues, he knew that this was all he needed.

After she got it cleaned up she began kissing up and down before taking it in her mouth. But Tommy wanted more so they moved it to the massage mat where the gorgeous blonde did her magic using the Nuru gel. She spread all over his tense body and started gliding up and down applying the right amount of pressure to relieve him from his back problems. Knowing Tommy she turned him on his back and started servicing his giant dick. That’s what Tommy was waiting for and he didn’t miss the opportunity to bang the sexy masseuse. But you can see it all for yourself in the video below!