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Not My Type

Last updated: February 24th, 2017

Kurt Lockwood is the next lucky guy to get a Nuru massage. He’s an old customer and after so many visits there he had his girls picked. Unfortunately, this time all of his girls were busy and the only one free was Karter Foxx. Although she is one of the hottest girls there, she wasn’t his type and he made it clear from the first time he saw her. Karter knew she had to work really hard to please him and she was ready to bring her A game for him.

Kurt wasn’t impressed by her body when she took off her white robe. She invited him to the shower and started warming him up with an inflating blowjob. After the shower, they got to the mattress where with a handful of Nuru gel Karter started showcasing her massage skills. Kurt was having a good time but he still wasn’t impressed by the sexy masseuse. That was before she started sliding her naked oil covered body up and down on top of him. Kurt up ended up begging for her pussy and she doesn’t deny it. After fucking her Kurt decided that he loves her pussy too much and from now one she was going to be her masseuse. See him fucking her deep and spitting his load all over her pussy. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more!

NuruMassage Video – I Got Laid Off

Last updated: February 17th, 2017

Bailey Brooke just got hired and this is her first nurumassage video. Bailey got fired this week from her former job, so when she saw her former boss in line waiting for a massage she wasn’t too thrilled about it. He insisted on getting massaged by her and once they met he threatened her to report her if she doesn’t do a great job. Marcus knows her actual boss so it would be easy for him to get her fired again.

Bailey knew she had to offer him an unforgettable massage and she did her best to do that. He was pleased to get a look at her naked body while she was undressing for the shower and Bailey noticed him drooling over her hot naked body. Marcus told Bailey that he always wanted to fuck her while they were int he shower and she was stroking his dick. Once they got to the mat Bailey begins massaging his back using a lot of Nuru massage gel. Marcus was surprised by the cold gel and didn’t seem to be pleased about it so she made it up to him by offering him a tantalizing blowjob.  Bailey then pops his hard dick into her wet pussy and fucks him. So what do you think, did Bailey keep her job? Find out in the video below!

Get Me Off Video

Last updated: February 15th, 2017

Nuru Massage is back with another steamy video for you guys. In this one, we are going to have some girl on girl action with a lot of massaging, kissing and pussy licking. Katrina Jade had a new client today at the parlor and from what she’s seeing her client is pretty shy. Jenna Sativa, her client of the day, was never massaged by a girl so she was a bit nervous. This was Jenna’s first massage ever so she came to the right place for that. The hot babe was nervous because she knew what happens during these massage session, but Katrina calmed her down and made sure she was comfortable with everything she does, so she explained to her what was going to happen step by step.

Katrina helped her overcome her nerves by kissing her lips and boobs as she was undressing her for their shower. Katrina takes off her sexy black lingerie and leads Jenna, stark naked, into the shower. They began kissing lustily while Jenna gets her private parts cleaned up by Katrina. Once they got the to mattress Katrina gets a handful of nuru gel and started massaging Jenna’s body. She could barely resist her sexy client so she flipped her over and then slided between her long legs to finish the orgasm she started. Check them out in the video below and we’ll see you next time with more!

Tax Man

Last updated: February 10th, 2017

Welcome back to a fresh new Nuru massage video update. Penny, the sexy redhead masseuse, had some work to do today. She had to do everything she could to avoid penalties from the tax man visiting them today. Her boss gave her a free hand to do everything she wants with him. Penny invited the hot inspector inside the massage room and right before he started talking about all the debts the spa has, she took her sexy robe remaining completely naked in front of him. The poor guy couldn’t stop staring at her unbelievable body as walked around the room, but this was only the beginning.

He completely forgot what he wanted to say once he saw her amazing curves, especially her big tits. She undressed him too and then joined him in the shower to get him cleaned up for the massage session. In the shower, she offered him a little preview while she was jerking off his dick and cleaning it for the massage session. Penny then invited him to the massage room where she offered him a massage he won’t forget too soon. Rubbing oil all over her hot body and then sliding up and down his tense body. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more sexy masseuse offering full body massages that always with a happy ending in the hottest nurumassage updates!

Nuru Massage Video – Why Men Cheat

Last updated: February 3rd, 2017

Nuru massage brought you guys another great massage video. Eric takes Tyler, his young son, to the massage parlor for his first ever massage. He was trying to teach his son why men actually cheat. He explained that he loves his mother but some of his needs can’t be met by her. At first, Tyler didn’t  quite understand what he was saying but once the masseuse got her hands on him things got clearer and clearer for him. Tyler was new to all of this so she took her time and explained to the inexperienced guy what was really happening in these massage session. After hearing all she had to say he couldn’t wait to get to the end of the massage and see just how lucky he can get.

The gorgeous masseuse made sure that she would give him a first massage he won’t forget too soon. She spends a lot of time rubbing every inch of his body and right when he thought the massage was over the masseuse started blowing his hard dick and then riding it too. This was the best massage we will ever get! You must see this sexy masseuse offering him an amazing first massage, a full body massage, literally full body. Enjoy it and make sure you check out the exclusive video below and we’ll bring you more next time so stay tuned!

Wife Hires Waif Video

Last updated: January 31st, 2017

Melissa, Marco, and Abella are here in the latest nuru massage video and it was an amazing one where the smoking hot chicks got banged. Everything started when Abella wanted to surprise her husband, Marco Ducati, with a massage at a parlor. He was working so hard lately so a professional massage was exactly what he needed to unwind. But in the end Abella was the one getting surprised in this one because she didn’t do her research right.

Abella didn’t have even a clue about the parlor she was taking her man to and she was surprised that’s for sure. Marco didn’t have any problems with the parlor, but Abella wasn’t really a big fan of it, seeing all those gorgeous chicks around him, so she insisted that she join him for the massage session. Once she saw Melissa taking off her clothes and joining Marco in the shower she finally realized the type of parlor they were in. Melissa wanted to help her out so she got her as involved as she could.  She wanted to teach her how to please her man with some easy tricks she could try out at home too. Abella got used to Melissa and the process so she didn’t mind at all when her man started taking turns on banging them. Enjoy it and see you guys later!

Nuru Massage Start My Engine

Last updated: January 26th, 2017
We got another hot masseuse getting banged in this latest nuru massage video. Sexy Brett had some chores to do so she went with her car. Of course, that ended up being a big mistake because the car broke right in the middle of the road. She called AAA but they couldn’t help her out because her membership just expired, but this motorist noticed her and offered to help her out. After boosting her battery, the bombshell blonde wanted to thank him so she offered him a free massage.

Both of them were free that day so they went to her place. The poor guy didn’t have even the slightest idea of what kind of massage she offers. She asked him to make himself comfortable while she changed, so he waited for her in his underwear. Once he saw the gorgeous blonde flaunting her impressive curves, completely naked he knew this was going to be his lucky day. So don’t miss out this lucky guy banging a smoking hot masseuse. Enjoy!

Nuru Massage Videos

Last updated: January 18th, 2017

We have more nuru massage videos for you guys. In this latest update, we got sexy Jayden Cole and Alison Rey showing us just how dirty things can get. Jayden Cole was worried about her stepdaughter Alison because she wasn’t herself lately. She was pretty shady with everyone and nobody could talk with her. Jayden being such a good mom thought it was her duty to find out what’s wrong with her, so one afternoon she hides in the closet and heard her talking with someone and making an appointment.

Alison didn’t know how to react when she was asked about her appointments so she told her mom the truth. Jayden found out that her stepdaughter was a masseuse and she offered to give her a massage. Jayden was surprised about her massaging skills and she enjoyed getting her curves massaged by the sexy teen. After all that rubbing got hotter between them and as you can see they made the best out of the massage. Enjoy it and don’t forget to get back for more steamy updates featuring some of the hottest chicks in the business, naked, covered in oil pleasing guys on the mattress.

Nuru Massage Porn Video

Another great week and time for yet another amazing nuru massage video update for your viewing pleasure. Today we have a fresh recruit amongst the masseuses and she’s ding her first unsupervised massage. The guy is a dude that really enjoys having the fresher ladies give him the massage since he really enjoys giving them pointers on what they should do next. Suffice to say that was just perfect for this blonde beauty as she had no problems following his guidelines and making his day excellent with her sensual massage just like in massage creep Amia Miley scene.

Have a great time watching her gallery as she works his body using her own and her amazingly perky and round tits. As a bonus at the end she felt really generous and she also gave the guy one unforgettable happy end to boot. She told him that she intended to fuck him too now at the end since he thought that she did a pretty good job for her first massage. So watch her as she also sucks his cock and fucks him for your entertainment today. See you soon with more guys and enjoy. Enjoy!

Watch here this hot gal offering a full body massage!

Nuru Massage Video

Well we the crew at nuru massage promised you a special treat for today’s update and we aim to keep our promise. This time we have our first video that we want to introduce to you. And packing in it we have a random lucky guy that came to the salon along with one of the superbly sexy masseuses that was going to work him good today. The lady in question is a fiery blonde with amazing curves and she knows just how hot she looks. She never hesitates to use her body to it’s full potential in every massage she does and this time she makes no exceptions.

As all our nurumassage women do with their clients she lays him on the air mattress and starts doing her job using her sexy nude body. And the guy seemed to enjoy it to the most as he was smiling all the time the chick was doing her job. See her slide up and don his body and watch her give the guy a happy end too. You know that these women never let their jobs unfinished and the guys as well. So see her suck some cock and have sex with the dude today too. See you next week with more awesome content everyone! If you liked this video and you wanna see other sexy amateur chicks sucking cocks, visit the website. See you soon!

Check out this hot babe offering a oily massage!

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