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Bad Encounter

Today is another chance to see one sensual and amazing nurumassage scene. This one is just amazing because of both the babe and the circumstances too. This guy got in a bit of a scuffle this afternoon and he got all tensed up. Well, this was the perfect job for this adorable babe here. She is a brunette with a big pair of boobs and rest assured that she’s never scared to flaunt them around as well. She will use those to aid her as she makes the guy relax too and you get to watch as well. She’s really pretty and the guy himself keeps trying to ask her out. Well she’d love to, but she still likes things just the way they are between them.


As you know a relationship is hard work in the first place, and the babe already just loves the friends with benefits that they kind of have going here. Anyway, he lays on the massage bed and as soon as the babe gets all naked you get to have some fun seeing her show off those superb womanly curves. You get to admire her cute face, big round breasts, slim waist, big round but and pink pussy too. Once she’s done with that, she takes her spot on top of the guy and starts to use her juicy big tits to massage his back in addition to her expert hands too. We know you’ll love it and we’ll be back soon!

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