Wife Hires Waif

Melissa, Marco, and Abella are here in the latest nuru massage video and it was an amazing one where the smoking hot chicks got banged. Everything started when Abella wanted to surprise her husband, Marco Ducati, with a massage at a parlor. He was working so hard lately so a professional massage was exactly what he needed to unwind. But in the end Abella was the one getting surprised in this one because she didn’t do her research right.

Abella didn’t have even a clue about the parlor she was taking her man to and she was surprised that’s for sure. Marco didn’t have any problems with the parlor, but Abella wasn’t really a big fan of it, seeing all those gorgeous chicks around him, so she insisted that she join him for the massage session. Once she saw Melissa taking off her clothes and joining Marco in the shower she finally realized the type of parlor they were in. Melissa wanted to help her out so she got her as involved as she could. She wanted to teach her how to please her man with some easy tricks she could try out at home too. Abella got used to Melissa and the process so she didn’t mind at all when her man started taking turns on banging them. Enjoy it and see you guys later!