Why Men Cheat

Nuru massage brought you guys another great massage video. Eric takes Tyler, his young son, to the massage parlor for his first ever massage. He was trying to teach his son why men actually cheat. He explained that he loves his mother but some of his needs can’t be met by her. At first, Tyler didn’t quite understand what he was saying but once the masseuse got her hands on him things got clearer and clearer for him. Tyler was new to all of this so she took her time and explained to the inexperienced guy what was really happening in these massage session. After hearing all she had to say he couldn’t wait to get to the end of the massage and see just how lucky he can get.

The gorgeous masseuse made sure that she would give him a first massage he won’t forget too soon. She spends a lot of time rubbing every inch of his body and right when he thought the massage was over the masseuse started blowing his hard dick and then riding it too. This was the best massage we will ever get! You must see this sexy masseuse offering him an amazing first massage, a full body massage, literally full body. Enjoy it and make sure you check out the exclusive video below and we’ll bring you more next time so stay tuned!