Alex More & Kendra Lynn In ‘Janitor in the Tub’ Lingerie Video

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Kendra Lynn is manning the phones at work. The day has been slow and no one has booked an appointment yet. When Alex More walks into the reception area, Kendra can’t believe how sexy she looks in her red lingerie. Alex asks if anyone’s coming in, but Kendra informs that that’s not the case. Unable to keep their hands to themselves, the girls figure that maybe they could kill some time together. The girls lean on the front desk and start kissing, Alex starts playing with Kendra’s clit, rubbing it quickly as Kendra cums. Kendra is eager to return the favor and proposes that she give Alex a Nuru massage. Alex couldn’t be happier as the girls walk hand in hand into the back room. Unbeknownst to both of them, the janitor, Lucas Frost, is cleaning the back room. When he hears voices talking in the distance, he gets nervous and hides in the Jacuzzi. As Alex lies down, Kendra pours oil all over her perfect body. Lucas looks on and can’t help but get hard as the girls dyke it out in front of him. He starts jerking off but moans a little too loudly; Alex hears him. He tries to get up to leave but the girls pull him down on the mat. They rip off his clothes, then pour oil on his body and start jerking him off. They then start blowing him. The girls are calling the shots here, and with the whole day to themselves, it looks like it’s time to teach this peeping janitor a lesson he’ll never forget.

Pornstars: Alex More / Kendra Lynn