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Asa Akira’s Sensual Massage

This fine day nuru massage brings you another special one. In this gallery of marvelous pictures we bring you another lady hailing from the eastern plains. Her name is Asa Akira and she knows how to do a massage that will leave a guy just lusting for more. Like all the women at the salon she’s really experienced in slippery massages and she just loves working this kind of job. As you probably know most of the guys coming here are favorites and the ladies, each have their own regular customers. Today miss Akira works on one of her favorites and she wants to do a good job.

She does kind of have the hots for him, as she always can be seen smiling ear to ear when she gets to massage him herself. So without further due, let’s see what she’s up to today. She takes great care to oil her sexy body really well before starting as she knows the guy simply loves the feeling of her oily naked body all over him. So watch her as she uses all of her body to massage every inch of his body in this superb nurumassage update today. Like always we hope you enjoyed and we’re expecting you back again next week. Bye!



Asa Akira Porn Japanese Style

Welcome to the new Asa Akira porn Japanese style this afternoon and superb video featuring the busty Asian woman as she gets to be naughty on camera for you all once again. She knows fully well how to tend to her clients and we can assure you that you will be in for the ride of your life once again when you get to watch her in her sensual video!

So yeah, check out the video start with the massage and make sure that the guy is nice and relaxed. She needs him like that to be able to make him unwind and he can clearly see how good she is with her hands to say the least, right from the start. Well once that pair of hands is done with the body, you can see them going lower and switching attention to that cock as well as she starts to stroke it. Do have fun seeing Akira hard at work today!


Asian Masseuse Asa Akira Naked

What can we say, to see the Asian masseuse Asa Akira naked is always a treat and you can bet that all her clients enjoy the amazingly hot and sexy view of her nude curves whenever she gets to put them on display. Well either way, you can be in for as big of a treat as this guy was when he got to play with miss Akira's lovely body for the afternoon.

Just like you all, her clients are always happy to get to check out her amazing naked body as well and she knows it as she knows fully well how irresistible she is to look at when all naked too. But she likes to use that charm of hers of course, to get the guys to give her a good fucking at the end of their sessions too. Check her out with the guy in the shower today and see her stroking hid big dick with her masterful hands for this one everyone!



Plug My Butt Asa Akira Anal


Hey there again everyone. You want to see more of Asa Akira we're sure and rest easy knowing that there is a brand new and fresh plug my butt Asa Akira anal show to check out this week with her. So let's watch her and one of her friends play naughty and you can get to see some truly juicy and lovely content once more with the sexy Asian babe!

They had the free time today to do what they wanted with one another without getting disturbed as all the bookings that were made were resolved and the babes were left to their own devices for the rest of the day. Well they decided to have some one on one lesbian fun in one of the massage rooms, so see them on the nuru mattress getting kinky as the other babe fucks miss Asa Akira anally with a sex toy today. She adored her butt pleasing for this one!


Asa Akira Feet Massage

Welcome to today's Asa Akira feet massage show in which the busty Asian babe shows off the amazing body she as once more and plays around with her feet quite a lot as well to make sure that you guys that are into that get a special treat for the afternoon too. So let the cameras roll and let's watch Asa in more action here shall we?

Well, pretty much every inch of miss Akira's body is just incredible to check out and watch and the lovely lady herself knows that she is quite irresistible too. This guy couldn't help himself from just laying back and letting her do whatever she wanted to him, and so you can see the nuru masseuse rub her body up and down the guy's and enjoying it. Have fun as always with the nuru massage and we'll see you again soon with some more!



Asa Does It Again

Well you know that we have the best every week and we have a brand new and juicy video with miss Akira this afternoon to reveal to you and you can see that Asa does it again this week, managing to impress. She's always so incredibly horny and sensual throughout the whole thing that you just cannot ignore her. Anyway, let the show start!

There's no client that has a single complaint regarding how miss Asa does her thing and you can clearly see why. She's very very good at what she does and she makes sure that satisfaction is guaranteed by the end of her time toghether with the clients, be they ladies or gents. Anway, watch Akira getting kinky again and see you all next week. We have plenty more of the busty Asian beauty playing dirty and you just have to see her in action.


Hot Asa Akira Ass Nuru Rehab Party

Another fresh week and time to see another fresh hot Asa Akira ass nuru rehab party be revealed as this guy just came out of that and his buddies signed him up to have some good times with miss Akira here for the afternoon today. And he will be in for one wild ride with this amazingly beautiful and busty Asian lady as you can bet!

If there's one sure thing that can cure a lot of ailments, is miss Akira here getting naked and getting right on top of you. She's pretty good at making you let go and forget about your problems for an afternoon as she gets to be naughty with you. So watch her being plenty all over the guy here today and you can rest assured that he was very very happy to let her do it in the first place. Check her out pleasing the client yet once more!



Asa Akira Threesome Surprise

What's even better than having fun with Asa herself? well one more babe thrown into the mix of course. And as you can see, this is a superb Asa Akira threesome surprise massage for the guy as the lovely masseuse gets some help from another masseuse friend from the salon today. Anyway, let's see them playing around with this stud shall we?

The two masseuses make their entry and seem to be all focused on making sure that the guy is having a good time. Well that's not too hard as one keeps him distracted while she plays with him in naughty ways with his cock, while the other one massages him. And they alternate roles as well at times. Anyway, watch closely and see the babes having the guy fuck them as well for the happy end of this nuru experience here today!


Returning The Favour Asa Akira Nuru

Returning the favour Asa Akira nuru , is one hell of a superb scene that you just cannot miss. You will get to watch the beauty Asa Akira as she gets around to have some fun with another big dicked client and you can bet that the nuru masseuse is extra caring as she wants that meat all to herself here today without any more delays!

The guy helped her out in the past with something so Asa booked him for a one on one session here today to show her appreciation. And after she's done with him? who knows, maybe the guy will be coming back much much more often to let her play around with him. Anyway, see her soap up the guy after the massage and see her giving her attention mostly to his cock as she gets to suck it too before it all ends. Enjoy it guys and gals!



Gorgeous Asa Akira Gets Sensual


Yes guys and gals, the gorgeous Asa Akira gets sensual once more in this new scene today and you just have to sit back and enjoy the glorious view of her having fun and playing naughty on cam for you all to see as always. Let's check her out performing another unforgettable massage for a guy that is sure to come back real soon for some more.

There are times that Asa Akira herself just can't help but get kinky with the guy mid massage. It all depends on how horny she is that day and by the looks of it she was very very eager to play dirty in this one. That's why she was going to show this guy quite the good time for the afternoon. So after some massaging, the hot nuru masseuse goes on top of his dick too and you can see her moan in pleasure while she gets to ride his big cock today too!


The Nuru College Bookie

Since you got to see in the past miss Asa Akira and more of her female masseuse friends in action, you can check out some more of that same action here this afternoon as the nuru college bookie is here to get some special attention. And the two babes here are always happy to be the ones on the case to take care of his body for the whole duration.

The two masseuses are always happy to get to have some fun with the cute guy and they always double team him. He doesn't really mind of course, as there's no better feeling in the world than having two amazingly beautiful ladies be right on top of you and getting touchy feely with you all over. Well, just watch the two hot masseuses as they enjoy their time with the college bookie in this nuru session and do make sure to come back soon for even more!



Asa Akira Lesbian Nuru Massage

Well it seems that you arrived at the perfect time yet again to get to see a Asa Akira lesbian nuru massage this week and by the looks of it, Asa was quite eager and happy to get to play with this female client here today. Let's just sit back and get to watch the two get into some sensual one on one lesbian action with each other after the massage.

Like we mentioned, the cute Asian lady has her share of other babes drop by and have some fun with her as well and this was no exception. Check out the nuru lesbian action that goes down with the two of them and you can enjoy the view of the horny little ladies as they get to sixty nine and lick each other's pink pussies at the end there as well. And that is after Akira made her client moan finger fucking her nice and hard for the better part!


Court Ordered

Court ordered is what the guy in this one got. And to let off steam and help him calm down, he was instructed to make a reservation at the nuru massage salon. Well Akira is here to make sure that he gets all the special treatment he needs and after she is done playing with his cock and massaging his body, the guy was fully pleased with the whole thing!

Well what we can say after all this is taht this guy won't be getting into any more trouble for sure as miss Akira took care of that problem. All he has to do is remember the good times he can have if he makes a massage appointment and Asa Akira is all his for the afternoon to tend to his needs. And well, that's pretty much all that anyone could ask for to be honest. Check the babe out getting sensual with the guy's dick too of course!


Asa Akira Nuru Massage - The Nuru New Hire


Every now and then, the Salon gets a new employee and it seems that this new babe is another Asian cutie that's just as hot and naughty as miss Asa Akira. So this Asa Akira nuru massage - The nuru new hire has the new babe getting to pick up things fast from miss Asa here as they play with a dude and his mighty big cock for the afternoon session.

The new little masseuse was quick to pick up techniques from miss Akira today and she was eager to put them to use as well. Well lucky for her the client was all there for her benefit too, so he got the double pleasing package with both Akira and her little understudy for the afternoon. Everyone had a very very good time with it and when it all ends, you can see the babes having the guy blow his load all over their big tits too. Come back again soon to see more!

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